Chox-Mak – “Wonderful” prod. by Bunty Beats

With 2016 well under way North Carolinas next out, Aka ya boy Chox-Mak comes through with some fresh boom bap tunes. “Wonderful” the next cut off of the album ‘SOUL’ in progress with The U.Ks Bunty Beats is nothing short of the classic 90sFlow hip hop you have come to know and respect of Chox-Mak thus far in his career, and if this is your first time hearing him welcome to the party. Chox weaves his magic over Bunty’s tight scratching/production giving you the listener a shining example of what to expect when the full album is dropped.

With a Texas tour coming up this March with dates lined up for SXSW, Chox-Mak has effortlessly kept the torch lit and continued to solidify his position as a real one in hip hop game full of fake ness. Letting everyone know that everything in 2016 will be Wonderful.


TruelyAP- “Mystic” | Audio

A more than familiar face to the BlogOrDie vault TruelyAP of MO’$crill drops his latest single “Mystic”, teaming up with fellow PGH resident and UpStreet Records president Cicco. With a city teeming with heavy hitters in the music industry anyone trying to come up in the “Steel City” doesn’t necessarily need to one up the person grinding next to, but stand out. With making music so accessible to the masses in today’s industry being unique is a talent all its own.

Stepping to the mic with such a melodic beat at hand, and a story of being successful to the point where the side grind becomes the main grind while taking care of the certain people around you is what “Mystic” is all about. In some cultures the mystic was the one who could tell the future and provided a sense of comfort for those seeking to know a path to travel on, playing on this theme AP brings to light his desire to get where he is going because of him, not because destiny has for told it, but because he made it so.


Prince Juke | Dungeon Fam(ft. Trinidad Jame$ x Young Deaux | Audio

Juke & Trinidad team up again for “Dungeon” over a Young Deaux & Wes Green produced track . I definitely believe in the notion that music has the immense effect on the senses and has the ability to make a person feel like they have never felt before. While listening to this track I have the strangest thought:

“I have never sipped lean in my life, but I feel like this track expresses what it would feel like in my mind if I had.”

With that being said the length of time in between down beats in this track are what do it for me, as you can read in any of my earlier post I tend to focus on how much the beat affects the track, and how the artist interacts with said beat. This is one of those songs that comes on at 3am at a random house party, and each time you hear it every time after that you go back to that exact moment you heard it for the first time, and can recall every single emotion you had at that one moment. I’m weird about beats, but that’s just me enjoy: “Dungeon Fam.”


Tate Kobang- “Bank Rolls”(free style)ft. The LOX!! | Audio

The legendary Sheek Louch, Styles P, and Jadakiss a.k.a. ‘The Lox’ jumped on Baltimores own Tate Kobang’s hit record, “Bank Rolls,” for a new freestyle. Without missing a step each emcee takes a shot at the RodLee produced beat, and sets the bar higher and higher one after the other making this a no brainer for any DJ’s looking to add some hip hop heat into this weeks play list Hear it below!


EK x Mitymaose | “I Got You” | Lyric Video

African born, Boston bred EK drops a smooth and soulful collaborative R&B-esque effort with completely talented vocalist Mitymaose for his latest single “I Got You” produced by Bueffard Mallary. This song about falling in love with a deceitful woman, the type of woman a man knows will not have his feelings or best interest in mind regardless of how much he tries to love her, a Cleopatra of sorts, but whole heartily submitting to her deceitful ways, going head long into what he knows wont be the most hopeful situation. “I Got You” is off EK’s “Life In C Minor” available soon.


Taiyamo Denku | “I’m Here To Stay” | Audio

CyphaDenMusic’s Taiyamo Denku is back with his debut single, “I’m Here To Stay”, from the upcoming EP, “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz“. Those that are not keen to Denku’s discography, he has a solid line up of dope features from the likes of Jadakiss, Lil Kim, Freeway, KRS ONE, Kool G Rap and the list continues. However with this particular project, we get a more personal Taiyamo as found on this release. Continue Reading


Beyoncé “Formation” Tour Sure to Sell Out, Fast



After a stellar performance during the halftime show of SuperBowl 50, news hit the internet like wildfire. Beyoncé is embarking on a stadium tour.
The North American leg kicks off April 27 at Marlins Park in Miami, Fla. and travels to stadiums throughout the country including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Dallas, and more. Continue Reading

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