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WARNING :: this article is NOT for the weak stomached !! You asked for my opinion, and here it is… No sugarcoating, or candied bullshit … STRAIGHT NOK

Yesterday my homegirls sent our group message a name on FB (Facebook) of a transgender male exposing local guys from my hometown (Pittsburgh PA). Now the name Willow Williams is everywhere. I didn’t pay it much attention, to be honest, I told myself I wasn’t even going to entertain it, but I did.

There were probably close to 30 videos of Miss Willow sucking dick, getting her dick sucked, bouncing on dick, and even giving a little dick. The videos ranged from a few seconds all the way to about 20 minutes. In the captions of some of them, she had names and phone numbers, where these guys worked, who their woman was, and all types of revealing information.

You can tell by the camera angles that they were tucked away in some sort of cubby to be discreet, but in one of the videos the guy notices the camera and still let Willow blow him down. That shit fucked me up only because I know if I see a camera and I know what I’m there to do the first thing on my mind is , ‘Is this mutha fucker tryin set me up?!’ I gotta reputation to up hold. So if yo goin film me fuckin we goin sign a contract. I want half on the sextape.

The comments on all these videos are pure fucking comedy. Like these bitches where playing guess who! I missed a lot of them because I tuned in so late in the game. Even though so many woman were disgusted by what was going on, they couldn’t help but watch! Like watching a train wreck! I couldn’t turn away!

Here’s my thing …

This is just one homosexual man who got fed up with his niggas shit and decided to spill the beans. Ain’t no tellin’ how many of these niggas (or bitches) out here living a lie. Willow got niggas nervous as hell that their side piece of meat may get ideas and start selling their dirty little secrets to the public!

I’m not shocked. Too many things are done in the dark, it only takes one time for a muh fucker to catch feelings, get their heart broke, and their running to social media, singing like a fucking canary. I mean hell, what makes these average joe ass niggas think their above the shit hitting the fan? Former Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson recently left her husband Hank Baskett for allegedly cheating on her with a tranny while she was pregnant! I can’t wait to watch her show in E!

I’m sitting back laughing at my homie on Facebook talking bout Willow fuckin up his vacation money. Meaning he fuckin with a nigga who’s on the down low and he’s scared now. This shits not uncommon. All I can advise is that you niggas be safe cause as real as the shit is on facebook, so are STD’s and all of those aren’t curable.

So what do you do if you find out your man is creeping with another man? I’ll tell you what imma do, cry my fucking eyes out. That shit is embarrassing. Let me know ahead of time and let me decide if I want to deal with that kind of backlash. I’ve been the butt of a joke before but this shit here is a whole different level of disrespect and selfishness. See me being the type of snap out artist I am, I’ll fuck around and slice everybody up and be in jail. Humans are so cruel. My heart goes out to the women and families that have to deal with the snickers and pointed fingers behind this bull shit.

And don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I love the confidence and free bird attitude that gay men and women have … But don’t be an under cover hater, laughing, taunting, and making it like you don’t like gay people meanwhile the only thing bumping in the night is you and your secret gay lover.

Y’all got to stop thinkin you so invincible or untouchable. If you goin be fuckin around where you ain’t supposed to, I just hope you keeping everyone happy. Or yo mutha fuckin ass is goin be next to be exposed, whether it be by your side bitch or your side dick.


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3 thoughts on “#AskNoki present Weaping Willow

  1. Young Grim

    I’m one of the guys on that and I’ve been shot at by my own homies barely escaping received death threats on my phone from blocked callers that I know are niggas I used to run the streets with so for some of us it’s more than just pointed fingers and laughing it’s pointed guns and running for your life from people who you grew up with that at one point and time yall road out for each other trying to ride on you. Every day I leave my house I have to look over my shoulder to make sure my head doesn’t get blown off by a nigga that once called me brother.

    1. Niecy

      Damn I pray things get better for u but now u know they was never yo bros are homies stay strong it will get better over time

    2. Craig

      Young Grim I hate to hear that. This Willow Williams character is being soooo wreckless and could care less of the damaging effects this can have on others and himself. I cant even imagine what you are going though. Hope it’s gotten better for you by now bruh.

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