Chox-Mak| “Bigger Picture”| Audio

After a decent sabbatical from making music as an artist to spend time as a father and family man Chox-Mak  amidst all of this mumble rap malarkey ,and back-and-forth has decided to step back in the booth for the real ones, for the OG’s. His newest Dr.G Productions track the “Bigger Picture”is a testament to what a really beyond the scope of the merciless grind of trying to blow up as an artist, and just keeping it real with yourself.

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DC Gudda-‘The Seventh Sign’ | EP

DC Gudda returns with a hardcore, gut-wrenching EP produced by Canada’s prime hip hop producer Big Bob. These tracks convey the inner city struggles of D.C. and her streets cursed by drugs, money and murder. These songs tell a tale of true situations that would have the average listener succumb to the brutality of a baller’s life. It definitely reflects the “Signs” of the times. “The 7th Sign” depicts the truth. Be careful where you tread in D.C..


Tragedy Khadafi x Will Grand Surgeon | “America:The Refix”

This track was designed to imitate the state of the news media as influenced by the current presidential campaign. Big Bob gathered the sound & emcees to address a freestyle take on America’s condition called the Re-Fix.The anecdote is in the mind, heart and souls of the listener to open their intellectual vision through the jazzy yet current sound Big Bob shares on this track. Madhand’z cuts feel like your absorbing clips from a radial protest. Definitely worth the participation.