JMcPain’s Top 8 Rappers

JMcPain’s Top 8 Rappers

    1. Wale

When he’s not giving NBA Announcers the business, the dreaded 1 writes poetry of his own genre. Saw him come out for “The Breeze” at Wiz’s Rock the Bells 2010 Set and the small ass crowd on top the hill was louder than the main stage…I knew it was foreal…

    2. Wiz Khalifa

Besides the Fact that he puts on for my city, Cap and I share a love for chucks and papers. I buy my Raws in packs of 10 and I own a pair of chucks for ever day of the week…Taylor Gang Or skinny dip with piranhas

    3. Curren$y

Half of the Rap games “Cheech & Chong” Spitta puts more material out that your favorite neighborhood freestyle artist, with ONE exception…pure Columbain Audio DOPE! JETS FOOL!

    4. Eminem

I mean do I have to explain myself????

    5. Young Jeezy

I like to think of myself as bi-lingual. I speak English, Spanglish, 4 words of French and JEEZY. If you wanna learn how to NOT get caught doing dirt then get that Rosetta Stoned JEEZY edition hahaha.

    6. KiD CuDi

The Kid has always been an easy listen when I wanna unwind and smoke 2 or 4. Can’t wait until Indicud. <—Read it backwards fool!

    7. 2 Chainz

Chainz is the 2010’s version of the Weezy that everybody is searching for. His word play and his rhymes have me pissing myself every time.

    8. Kendrick Lamar

It’s no secret that this years Hottest MC is killing the game and taking no prisoners. Be on the lookout for the rest of the TDE crew if you haven’t yet….

Snoop Lion – Way Of The Dogg Video game (preview)


With Snoop’s latest endeavor comes a digital effort which could possibly take the world by storm. Yes, a video game. “Way Of The Dogg” which is scheduled to make it’s debut sometime later this year is a “rhythm-action combat game” designed in partnership with Echo Peak and Snoop Lion himself. The game incorporates action fighting whilst playing Snoop tracks. “Way Of The Dogg” will be released to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation. iOs and Android devices. Stay on the lookout.




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