Blogordieradio Episode 4


On this new episode of BODRadio I’m bringing you some more of the Pittsburgh Flavor with all new records from Pittsburgh’s hottest and upcoming artists. As well as some low key bangers you probably don’t have in your playlists.

At the forty one minute mark you’re getting a brand new one 60 minute mix full of heaters with jams like “Black Beatles”, “Bad and Boujee” and more! So tune into Blogordieradio episode 4 and let me know what you think on IG ( @djmotormane ).

AlPac Keeps the Wave Alive With “M.F.L.4”


Since Max B aka MaxBiggavelli has been incarcerated the wave has been kept alive through various attempts. It’s very fitting that none other than the Wavy one himself co-signs one fellow Harlem native AlPac to carry the torch.

Stream the Menace From Lenox 4 mixtape below

Taylor Gang – Sleep At Night |Music Video Review|

This week Taylor Gang dropped a video for one of the hardest tracks on TGOD Vol. 1. Wiz Khalifa and Tuki Carter’sSleep At Night” is a song with a feel like none other. It comes in with arguably the best Tuki Carter verses to date. He slays his verse with a double-spit, southern style swag like no one else delivers. Tuki delivers countless cold lines from coming in with, “Who time, my time, my time/ My life is your timeline”, to things like later in the verse, “Quicky quicky, please no hickies/ I got a bitch this shit is risky/“. Wiz comes in with a cold verse that has a 2016 version of 28 Grams feel to it. It’s slowed out, thugged out, and swagged out in only a way The Cap can do. As for the way he finesses the hook… He slays a waved out hook that anyone getting money can relate to. Slick Jackson did the visuals for this banger of a track. He came with a dope video and a cool concept. Tuki arises from the bed to spit his insane verse, only to return to his bed as the hook, “Sleep at Night” comes in. As the hook plays and Wiz finesses his verse we see shots of the studio with Ricky P and we also see Wiz with his growing son Sebastian. We get to see the Wiz and Bash in a couple clips as he dances with his dad. One of the best shots of the video is during the hook we see Wiz and Bash both put their hands together to rest their head on, going to sleep esc, as the hook comes in. An amazing clip mixed with the perfect timing of the hook makes for an amazing moment in the video. This is definitely worth a watch. If you haven’t grabbed TGOD Vol. 1 already, stop sleeping and grab it. Find the link below.



Download  TGOD Vol 1. here:


TGOD Volume 1 Review

Yesterday Taylor Gang dropped a compilation tape to showcase the whole Gang. TGOD Volume 1 has tracks from the entire gang. Hosted by BlogOrDie’s own DJ MotorMane, the mixtape has jams from everyone from the captain himself Wiz Khalifa, to Ty Dolla $ign who has a few appearances on the project. Juicy J hops on a couple tracks, Tuki Carter came with some hot verses. Chevy Woods has a few cold verses as well as his recent single “History“. Raven Felix spit her game on “Good Man”. Berner brought his Bay Area wave on, “For the Low”. J.R. Donato finessed a dope opening track, “All Winter” and some other cold verses throughout the tape. KH makes an appearance on the tape with his single “Wanna Have”, a banger. Sosamann brought some hot bars on “Feel Like Money”. Every Member of the gang brought heat for this project. There are also some dope guest appearances from Project Pat, Casey Veggies, and Cash Out. Cash Out came with the most surprisingly beautiful voice on the hook for “Freaky Before“, something I would’ve never guessed he could do from other singles like “Lets Get It” or “She Twerkin“. The production throughout the tape is crazy. Ricky P came with some heat, like “Freaky Before” and “Sleep at Night”. He also had a track of his own “On 10” on the tape. Of course Sledgren had to make an appearance, “Take It There” is that late night finesse a female feel. ID Labs is all over the tape with all sorts of different tracks. From go hard, mean feeling tracks like “Play Fair”, to softer, wavier, vibes like “Without You” with Suzanne Sheer, who mad her official debut showcasing her amazing voice as she finesses a dope hook. This tape has everything you could want from a Taylor Gang project. It’s hard to pick a favorite track cause each song is dope in its own way with so many different vibes throughout the mixtape. When I think of a solid project I think of something where I don’t need to skip a song. TGOD Volume 1 you can just roll up and start from the beginning, because not a single song disappoints. This tape was a great way to showcase the entire gang and the range of talent they have. It also provided a few artists to have their first release on a “Taylor Gang” project, so it got to showcase some new members that everyone wasn’t aware of. So burn one and check out this tape, this is one that can just go on repeat.